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You are currently marvelling at the website of Marcel Lucont, flâneur, raconteur, bon-viveur, and easily the greatest UK-based French comedian around.
Winner of the 2012 Amused Moose Award for the Best Comedy Show of Edinburgh Fringe and the 2013 Fringe World Award for Best Comedy.

“Fresh, accessible and hilarious” – The Guardian

Do not leave until you have perused every section – your life will be enriched by the experience.

“Wonderful French wit… A pitch-perfect performance… Superb stuff” – Time Out

Marcel has toured the world with his dry wit, bawdy chansons and exquisite sex poetry. He has played the Edinburgh Fringe, Melbourne Comedy Festival, New Zealand Comedy Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe, Great Britain, Singapore, Amsterdam, Croatia, Vietnam, Slovenia and Jersey. For his current dates see the GIGS section.

“Very funny… Quick-witted and exceedingly sharp” – British Comedy Guide

15th June 2015 – Cabaret Fantastique in London

My spectacular Spiegeltent soirée Cabaret Fantastique returns to the London Wonderground in August and September.

The line-up is:

Aug 5, 9.30pm

Sep 10, 9.30pm

Tickets are available HERE.


27th May 2015 – The John Bishop Show, BBC1

After a frankly spectacular performance on his Christmas show, Monsieur Bishop has invited me back onto his new BBC1 show. The show will be recorded at Hackney Empire in London and free tickets are available HERE.
It will be broadcast on BBC1 on June 27 at 9.45pm.
You will also be able to view it on BBC iPlayer for a limited time.


8th January 2015 – Cabaret Fantastique lineups at Fringe World

I am returning to Perth once again, with my critically-acclaimed show MARCEL LUCONT IS (Jan 23-31, 8.30pm at State Theatre Centre Of WA).

I am also hosting 6 nights of the legendary late-night spectacular that is CABARET FANTASTIQUE (Jan 23-28, 11pm / 10.15pm at De Parel Spiegeltent).

My lucky guests for this night of wonder are:

FRI 23 JAN – 11pm
Trygve Wakenshaw
Le Gateau Chocolat
Dave Callan
Sam Smith

SAT 24 JAN – 11pm
Le Gateau Chocolat
Jean-Luc Marinai
Geraldine Quinn
Circus Carnis

SUN 25 JAN – 11pm
Ben Target
Ivory Bound
Tomas Ford
Frisky & Mannish

MON 26 JAN – 11pm
Stuart Lightbody
Mickey D
Engaging Motion
Sharnema Nougar

TUE 27 JAN – 10.15pm
Lords Of Strut
Blues & Burlesque
Ian D Montfort

WED 28 JAN – 10.15pm
Aurora Galore
Dirk Darrow


18th December 2014 – John Bishop’s Christmas Show

I shall be on British television providing an antidote to blinkered festive optimism on John Bishop’s Christmas Show at 9pm, BBC1 on December 20th.
It will also be available on BBC iPlayer


6th February 2014 – Spreading wonder “down under”

The unfurling of my lighter range of suits means it is time once again to visit the opposite, hotter side of Planet Earth.

I shall be bringing the award-magnet ‘Marcel Lucont – Gallic Symbol’ to Melbourne International Comedy Festival for its final ever run, and then unveiling my new oeuvre, ‘Marcel Lucont Is’ at New Zealand Comedy Festival, before taing it to London and eventually Edinburgh Fringe.

The dates are below:

Marcel Lucont – Gallic Symbol, March 26 – April 20
9.45pm (8.45pm Sundays)
Tuxedo Cat, Wills Street

Marcel Lucont Is, April 29 – May 3
Foxglove Ballroom, Wellington

Marcel Lucont Is, April May 14 – 17
Rangatira at Q Theatre, Auckland

I shall also be appearing on the NZ Comedy Gala on April 24, and hosting the First Laughs Gala on April 27 and, once again, Le Comique on May 11.

Enjoy me out there while you can.


3rd January 2014 – Set List and Live At The Electric

Another year dawns, and time reminds us of our own inescapable inconsequentiality as it marches ever forward.
Still, at least you have THREE opportunities in one week to enjoy some Marcel Lucont magic:

Jan 4 – Set List – Nerdist Channel
The improvised show “Set List – Standup Without A Net,” featuring a plethora of bizarre topics from the minds of mentally unhinged Americans. This one was recorded at Edinburgh Fringe, August 2013.

Jan 6 – Set List – Sky Atlantic
Same show, different set. Recorded in London, June 2012. This explains my now-entirely-atopical reference to the London Olympics.

Jan 10 – Live At The Electric – BBC3
I shall be making several appearances on this show, reading extracts from my memoirs.


21st December 2013 – BBC Radio 4 Extra Stands Up

You can now hear my frankly sublime performance on BBC Radio 4 Extra Stands Up, recorded live at The Stand Comedy Club in Edinburgh.


17th November 2013 – Vive Lucont! The album

On May 25 my superlative new album is released, entitled “Vive Lucont!”
This is my first album in the English language, and features 8 songs and 3 live poems.

I Am Better Than You
Fifteen Love
Continental Breastfest
Do The Vaticancan
Merde Oui
Vive La Mort

The Tits Of The Brits
No Hard Feelings
Baise-Moi Ce Soir Dans Le Pissoir

The compact disc will be available HERE
For fans of the intangible, you can download it HERE


10th September 2013 – Cabaret Fantastique London lineups revealed

Cabaret Fantastique returns to London, at its new home the Comedy Café Theatre in Shoreditch.The lineups for the first two shows are:

September 26:
Le Gâteau Chocolat
Piff The Magic Dragon
Loretta Maine
John-Luke Roberts
Roger Showbusiness
David Quirk

October 24:
Pajama Men
Clever Peter
Jamie Demetriou
Rachel Parris
Clovis Van Darkhelm
Jon Bennett

November 21:
Arthur Smith
Felicity Ward
Jonny And The Baptists
Le Foulard
Lounge Room Confabulators

Tickets are £10 on the door, £8 in advance.


1st September 2013 – UK Tour begins

My magnificent Gallic Symbol Tour begins on September 13th in Windsor, with 25 dates to follow. If it is not already sold out, get yourself tickets now, from the SHOP Section of this very website.


22nd August 2013: Yet another award

I am asked often whether it is tiresome to attend so many awards ceremonies, but truly I do not mind. It would be more bizarre to NOT have to attend them.
This year, I am finally to be presented with Mervyn Stutter’s Spirit of the Fringe Award, for services to Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
The awards show will take place at 12.45pm on August 25th at the Pleasance Courtyard.
Tickets available HERE


28th July 2013: Cabaret Fantastique at Edinburgh Fringe 2013

The Edinburgh Fringe institution that is Cabaret Fantastique returns this year, at The Dram House (venue 339), 11pm, Aug 3 – 17.

My pick of the finest alternative acts of the Fringe includes:

Tom Binns
Adrienne Truscott
Le Gâteau Chocolat

Matthew Kelly
Alan Hudson
Die Roten Punkte

Gerry Howell
Doug Segal
Rachel Parris

Frank Sanazi
Chastity Butterworth
Mellor & Steele

Tom Binns
Damsel Sophie

Liam Mullone
Morgan & West
Mab Jones
Clare Ferguson-Walker

Rob Carter
Pete Heat
Addy Van Der Borgh

SAT 10th AUG
Bob And Jim
Jon Bennett
Christian Reilly

SUN 11th AUG
David Quirk
Titty Bar Ha Ha

MON 12th AUG
Des O’Connor
Benny Davis
Doug Segal
East End Cabaret

TUE 13th AUG
Le Gâteau Chocolat
Dr Professor Neal Portenza
Claus Reiss

WED 14th AUG
Léonie Higgins
Dayne Rathbone
The Monkey

Stuart Bowden
Jasper Cromwell Jones
Sugar And Vice
Uneasy Alliance

FRI 16th AUG
Howard Read
Ria Lina
Jacob Edwards
Anil Desai

SAT 17th AUG
Carlo Jacucci
Tomas Ford
Le Foulard


1st June 2013 – Edinburgh Fringe 2013: bid for your bespoke Marcel experience

You may now begin your bidding for a bespoke Marcel experience. Marcel Lucont À La Carte is a show that will be performed to the highest bidder(s), at a time and location of their choosing.
There are two UK shows on offer – July 13 and July 16 (this can be anywwhere in the UK), and August 8 – 17 at Edinburgh Fringe (within the city of Edinburgh).

The winning bidder will be sent a menu, from which they can choose up to an hour of Marcel routines, some classic, some new.
I shall then post my own review of the audience the following day on the website.

For more information, and your chance to bid, go here…ÀLaCarte


18th May 2013 – Euro winner

It will surprise nobody to hear that last night’s Alternative Eurovision Song Contest at London Wonderground was won by me.
Yes, despite Norway’s cynical use of stage-children and the Dutch flashing their nether regions, I emerged triumphant with a rousing rendition of my hip-hop classic “Merde Oui,” accompanied by my wonderful dancers, all of whom have now been thanked personally.
You can see photographs from the night here:


10th May 2013 – UK Tour

Due to expected popular demand, it is finally time for me to tour the UK solo, without having to dilute a show with other acts.
The tour is organised by Objective Talent Management.
Ireland and Wales, I am told we are awaiting your response, but here are the dates for now.
If I am not playing in your town, simply make arrangements to visit the closest one. Your country really is not that big…

13 Sep – Firestation Arts Centre, WINDSOR
19 Sep – Gatehouse Theatre, STAFFORD
20 Sep – Norden Farm Arts Centre, MAIDENHEAD
21 Sep – Kirkgate Arts Centre, COCKERMOUTH
22 Sep – Hilarity Bites, DARLINGTON
27 Sep – West End Centre, ALDERSHOT
28 Sep – The Junction, CAMBRIDGE
29 Sep – That Time Of The Month, NEWPORT PAGNELL
3 Oct – That Time Of The Month, NEWPORT PAGNELL
4 Oct – Bloomsbury Theatre, LONDON
5 Oct – Lincoln Comedy Festival, LINCOLN
6 Oct – The Lowry, SALFORD
11 Oct – The Brindley, RUNCORN
12 Oct – Comedy Festival Studio, HARROGATE
13 Oct – The Stand, EDINBURGH
14 Oct – The Stand, GLASGOW
15 Oct – The Stand, NEWCASTLE
17 Oct – Fairfield Halls, CROYDON
18 Oct – Lemon Tree, ABERDEEN
20 Oct – Warwick Arts Centre, COVENTRY
1 Nov – The Carriageworks, LEEDS
2 Nov – Colston Hall, BRISTOL


8th May 2013 – Marcel Lucont: Eurovisionary

SBS, the Australian broadcasters, have employed me to give my astute opinions on this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.
You can see the results at, including a song summarising all 39 entries, to save you some time.

For those living outside Australia, you can view them here:


12th March 2013 – Gallic Symbol wins yet more awards

Persons often ask me whether I ever grow tired of being handed awards, or whether it seems unfair to even allow me to be eligible for them at festivals. I reply “no,” “no” and, if they ask a third question that requires a negative response, “no” again.

It will not surprise any who have seen my show Gallic Symbol that it has been awarded both a Weekly Award at Adelaide Fringe and the award for Best Comedy at Fringe World in Perth.
For the latter award I was presented with a medallion, which you can see modelled around a lady’s décolletage (i.e. tits) here:

Merci Perth, merci Adelaide. Your taste is impeccable.


30th January 2013 – Cabaret Fantastique – Adelaide lineups

15th Feb
Sammy J & Randy
Morgan & West
Jess Love

16th Feb
Le Gateau Chocolat
East End Cabaret
Rani Huszar

17th Feb
Sammy J
Le Gateau Chocolat

21st Feb
Daniel Oldaker
Jess Guille
Frisky & Mannish

22nd Feb
Piff The Magic Dragon
Titty Bar Ha Ha
Steve Hughes

23rd Feb
Trixie And The Monkey
Barry Morgan
Sammy J

24th Feb
Greg Fleet
Rani Huszar
Abby Cadabra

28th Feb
Granny Flaps
Tom Flanagan
Ben Hutton

1st Mar
Tumble Circus
Dayne Rathbone

2nd Mar
Casey Wood
Smart Casual

3rd Mar
Xavier Michelides
Jess Love
Steve Sheehan

7th Mar
The Magnets
Tomas Ford
Agent Lynch

8th Mar
Spontaneous Broadway
Sarah Jones

9th Mar
Piff The Magic Dragon
Puppetry Of The Penis
Frank Sanazi

10th Mar
Mickey D
Casey Wood

14th Mar
Sam Simmons
Azaria Universe

15th Mar
Paul Foot
Jess Love
Jon Bennett
Morgan And West

16th Mar
Smart Casual
Lucy Hopkins
Tommy Bradson

17th Mar
Burlesque Beauties
Agent Lynch
Kunt And The Gang

Tickets available HERE


22nd January 2013 – Cabaret Fantastique – Perth lineups

My lineups for this year’s Cabaret Fantastique have just been announced. There are likely to be some very speacial guests too…

Feb 7th
Tomas Ford
Adrienne (Wau Wau Sisters)
Tom Flanagan (Kaput)
Le Gateau Chocolat

Feb 8th
Frisky And Mannish
Tumble Circus
Morgan And West
Special guest…

Tickets available HERE


20th January 2013 – Australia

Australia, once again I will soon be in you.
Here are my dates for 2013:

Gallic Symbol, Feb 3rd-10th, 9.45pm, De Parel Spiegeltent – tickets HERE
Cabaret Fantastique, Feb 7th & 8th, 11.15pm, De Parel Spiegeltent – tickets HERE

Gallic Symbol, Feb 14th – Mar 17th, 9.45pm, Tuxedo Cat – tickets HERE
Cabaret Fantastique, Feb 15th – Mar 17th, 11.30pm, Le Cascadeur – tickets HERE

The Comedy Store, Mar 21st-30th, tickets HERE


10th December 2012 – Christmas song

It is evident that the average British idiot will buy anything with a sleigh bell in it at this time of year, so chanteuse La Poule Plombée and I have recorded a Christmas song, featuring plenty of them.
Fortunately, unlike most festive chansons, it is excellent. You can buy your copy of “You Put The ‘No’ In Noël” now at iTunes.

You can also watch the video on YouTube.

All proceeds from the song will go to us.


31st October 2012 – Marcelevision

UK television is finally being given the boost it requires, thanks to several upcoming appearances by me:
– November 2nd – 9.45pm – BBC3 – Russell Howard’s Good News
– November 19th – Sky Atlantic – Set List – I am unsure which episode I am in, but the series begins on November 19th. I imagine they will not wish to start with an act of my calibre, as the remainder of the series will then prove a let-down.
– 2013 – BBC3 – Live At The Electric – I will be a regular performer on series 2 of this show, filming in January 2013.


24th October 2012 – Soundcloud

Finally, you can take in my aural genius, including the teenage tennis romance classic “Fifteen Love.” I will be releasing more songs before eventually releasing the long-awaited album, “Vive Lucont.” For now, sign up and wait.


16th October 2012 – Royaltitties

These past weeks, countless persons have been asking for my reaction to the Kate Middleton tit “scandal.” I felt it best to reply via the medium of song, here on YouTube.


20th August 2012 – Winning

My latest and greatest show GALLIC SYMBOL has been recognised for its genius, by winning the Amused Moose Award for Best Comedy 2012 at Edinburgh Fringe.
This means it will be filmed for a DVD release by 2entertain and performed at Soho Theatre in London on September 26th.
I was also awarded £5000 (approximately €6315) and a silver moose trophy, which I am hoping will not cause guests at future soirées to believe I am Canadian.

You can purchase tickets for the SOHO THEATRE show here:
It will also be appearing at BRIGHTON COMEDY FESTIVAL – tickets available here:


20th June 2012 – Cabaret Fantastique 2012

CABARET FANTASTIQUE is set to wow the Edinburgh Fringe once again, this time at Assembly’s “Salon Elegance” (this already seems my natural home). It is running for 3 NIGHTS ONLY: August 10, 17 and 24 at 11.59pm. It is actually midnight but I am contractually obliged to put this so that idiots do not get confused. I assured them that my crowds are above the average intelligence but still they insisted.

My guests are:

AUG 10
Pajama Men
Sarah-Louise Young
Tumble Circus

AUG 17
Phill Jupitus
The Boy With Tape On His Face
Agent Lynch

AUG 24
East End Cabaret
Gypsy Wood
A panda

Tickets, if there are any left, can be purchased here:


20th June 2012

CABARET FANTASTIQUE increases its girth and comes to The Spiegeltent as part of London Wonderground on London’s Southbank, on 10th July at 7pm.
There will be the usual mix of bizarre and brilliant acts, and a few little surprises.

My guests are:
Dr Brown
Card Ninja
Agent Lynch

I will see you there.


22nd May 2012

CABARET FANTASTIQUE returns to The Vandella in Shepherd’s Bush, London, on 24th June.
The show is very likely to sell out in advance, so book early (tickets online are £2 cheaper).
Contains magic and tits.

The line-up this time is:
Tim Key
Ben Target
Tom Adams
Pat Cahill
Sam Fletcher
Agent Lynch
Ed Eales-White

You can buy tickets for you and those you respect from WeGotTickets.


21st May 2012

GALLIC SYMBOL has of course been nominated for the Best International Show Award at New Zealand Comedy Festival. Peruse my GIGS section to see where you can find it next…


12th March 2012

Fans of CABARET FANTASTIQUE will be ecstatic to know it will now be a regular(ish) feature of London’s nightlife, at brand new venue The Vandella in Shepherd’s Bush.
I have, of course, been asked to host the club’s first ever show.
Dates are April 3rd, June 26th and July 24th.

The line-up for April 3rd is:
Tony Law
Loretta Maine
Frank Sanazi
Des O’Connor
Christian Manley
Clovis Van Darkhelm

You can buy tickets from Ticketmaster. I suggest you do so now.


27th February 2012

Persons of Melbourne, you will no doubt have heard the news that I am not doing a full show at your Comedy Festival this year. Well, put away the razors and the rope, I will in fact be there for the final week, performing as part of Set List, 11pm at the Victoria Hotel. Fortunately I am just as wonderful improvising as performing pre-written material, so you will not be disappointed.

Persons of New Zealand, I shall be taking my soon-to-be-described-as-superb new show GALLIC SYMBOL to two of your towns as part of New Zealand Comedy Festival:
Q Theatre, Auckland: April 28th – May 5th (not April 29th)
San Francisco Bath House, Wellington: May 7th – 12th
I shall also be appearing in the Comedy Galas (Auckland, April 27th and Wellington, April 29th) and hosting once again La Comique at SkyCity Theatre on May 6th.
After this I shall be appearing in towns all over your nation, as part of the Comedy Convoy Tour. The full tour dates will be found on my gig list when they are announced.


17th February 2012

My show ENCORE was nominated for BEST COMEDY SHOW at Fringe World in Perth and, astoundingly, did not win. I am as surprised as you. I have heard that a petition has been started out in Australia, but I fear it is too late for that now. I should not have to sleep with the judges of these competitions (this should at least be through my own volition), although it is clear that these are the tactics being employed by my rivals…


05 January 2012

I am once again travelling around the girth of the globe to visit Australia, taking two wonderful shows to Fringe World in Perth:
ENCORE (Jan 31 – Feb 6, Metcalfe Playhouse) and CABARET FANTASTIQUE (Feb 2 – 4, The Spiegeltent).

Tickets are available NOW from

Check back here for updated CABARET FANTASTIQUE lineups.

Thur 2nd Feb

Fri 3rd Feb

Sun 4th Feb



01 October 2011

Tickets are available for the final performances of my superb show ENCORE at Manchester Comedy Festival (Oct 18th and 19th) and Brighton Comedy Festival (Oct 21st)
The Brighton show is being recorded for a DVD release.
Tickets for Manchester are available here.
Tickets for Brighton are available here.


August 2011


Line-ups so far

Tickets are now available for the guaranteed hit of the Edinburgh Fringe, MARCEL LUCONT ETC. – A CHAT SHOW.
You can buy them here:

Check here for each night’s line-ups. And if you have any questions you wish me to ask my guests, send them to me via this website.
Note please that these are subject to change, especially with English acts, who are notably perfidious.

4th Aug – Jen Brister, Markus Birdman
5th Aug – Steve Hall, Tom Bell
6th Aug – Josh Howie, Zoe Lyons
7th Aug – Andi Osho, Thom Tuck
8th Aug – James Dowdeswell, Loretta Maine
9th Aug – Meryl O’Rourke, Liam Mullone
10th Aug – Simon Munnery, Wendy Wason
11th Aug – Dan Antopolski, Catie Wilkins
12th Aug – Matthew Crosby, Sara Pascoe
13th Aug – Tony Law, Yianni Agisilaou
14th Aug – Seymour Mace, Chris Martin
16th Aug – Bridget Christie, Tom Price
17th Aug – Carl Donnelly, Tiernan Douieb
18th Aug – Edward Aczel, Abigoliah Schamaun
19th Aug – Elis James, Stuart Goldsmith
20th Aug – Sarah Millican, Abi Titmuss
21st Aug – Ahir Shah, Joe Bor
22nd Aug – James Sherwood DeAnne Smith
23rd Aug – Ro Campbell, Brett Goldstein
24th Aug – Vikki Stone, Holly Walsh
25th Aug – Richard Sandling, Matt Green
26th Aug – Andre Vincent, Kerry Godliman
27th Aug – Paul Foot, Dave Callan
28th Aug – Scott Capurro, Tom Allen (plus bonus special guests)

Reviews so far:
“Well-honed poems and songs are perfectly balanced by moments of genuine spontaneity in this consistently brilliant performance… An essential Fringe show”
★★★★★ Simon Fielding, The Skinny, Edinburgh Fringe

“Choice chat, skilful wordplay, wry badinage
★★★★★ Vyvyan Almond, BroadwayBaby, Edinburgh Fringe

“A witty host, willing guests and wine. It’s a perfect night out with Marcel Lucont… No night is the same but every one is a delight
★★★★.5 Helen Sobelewski, The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe

“The prince of the chat show genre in 2011
★★★★ Niki Boyle, The List, Edinburgh Fringe

“Entertaining from start to finish… A highlight of the festival
★★★★ Julian Benson, Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe

“Excellent… a winning performance.. the laughs come easily throughout
★★★★ David Hepburn, Fest, Edinburgh Fringe

“The combination of egotism and deadpan humour accompanied by original poetry and song make for a hilarious combination. Vive la France!
★★★★ Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe

“Very funny… a great deal to enjoy
★★★★ Rupert Uzzell, Spoonfed, Edinburgh Fringe

“Hilarious from the get-go… The funniest show I’ve seen this Fringe… Magnifique!”
David Knight, RipItUp, Adelaide Fringe

“Incredibly funny… Has the audience in the palm of his hand from the start… One of those gems that we’re so glad to have found at the Fringe”
Harry Clayton-Wright, Gay Times, Edinburgh Fringe

“If there is one rude, sleazy, foul-mouthed drunkard of a Frenchman you purposely see in your life, make sure it’s Marcel Lucont… Gallic charm at its finest. This is one comedian who crams more into his show than the ticket price suggests”
Kosta Jaric, Fringe Benefits, Adelaide Fringe

September 2015

Fri Sep 4th

8pm – Specs Comedy, Luton, UK (20 mins)

Sat Sep 5th

8pm – Komedia, Brighton, UK (20 mins)

Thur Sep 10th

9.30pm – MARCEL LUCONT’S CABARET FANTASTIQUE, London Wonderground, South Bank, London, UK (90 mins)

Fri Sep 11th

8pm – The Comedy Cow, Milton Keynes, UK (30 mins)

Wed Sep 16th

8pm – Laugh Train Home, Clapham, London, UK (30 mins)

Thur Sep 17th

8pm – Garrick Theatre, Lichfield, UK (30 mins)

Fri Sep 18th

8pm – The Boat Show, Embankment, London, UK (20 mins)
9pm – Soho Comedy Club, London, UK (20 mins)

Sat Sep 19th

8pm – Soho Comedy Club, London, UK (20 mins)
8pm – The Boat Show, Embankment, London, UK (20 mins)
8.30pm – Top Secret Comedy Club, Covent Garden, London, UK (20 mins)

Mon Sep 21st

8pm – Royal Albert Hall, London, UK (60 mins)

Tue Sep 22nd

8pm – The Comedy Wire, Camden, London, UK (20 mins)

Wed Sep 23rd

8pm – Laugh Train Home, Clapham, London, UK (30 mins)

Thur Sep 24th

8pm – Hurst Festival, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, UK (30 mins)

Fri Sep 25th

8pm – Tootopia, Tooting, London, UK (20 mins)

Tue Sep 29th

8pm – Nice ‘N’ Spiky Comedy, Limehouse, London, UK (30 mins)

October 2015

Thur Oct 1st

8pm – Con Club, Lewes, Southend, UK (30 mins)

Sat Oct 3rd

Private gig, Mahe, SEYCHELLES

Mon 5th

7pm – Private gig, London, UK
8.30pm – Imperial College, London, UK (30 mins)

Wed Oct 7th

8pm – Comedy Box, Stavanger, NORWAY (20 mins)

Tue Oct 13th

8pm – Stand Up Ror Refugees Box, Elgiva Theatre, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, UK (20 mins)

Wed Oct 14th

8pm – Private gig, London, UK

Sat Oct 17th

8pm – Komedia, Bath, UK (20 mins)

Thur Oct 22nd


Fri Oct 23rd

8pm – Wild Cabaret, Glasgow, UK (10 mins)

Fri Oct 24th

Various times – Wild Cabaret, Glasgow, UK (10 mins)

Thur Oct 29th

8pm – The Bell, Ticehurst, East Sussex, UK (30 mins)

Fri Oct 31st

11.30pm – Barcelona Comedy Festival, SPAIN (1 hour)

Fri Oct 31st

10pm – Barcelona Comedy Festival, SPAIN (1 hour)

November 2015

Thur Nov 5th

8pm – Outside The Box, Sevenoaks, UK (20 mins)

Fri Nov 6th

8pm – Comedy Carnival, Leicester Square, London, UK (20 mins)

Sat Nov 7th

8pm – Comedy Carnival, Leicester Square, London, UK (20 mins)

Fri Nov 13th

8pm – The Boat Show, Embankment, London, UK (20 mins)

Sat Nov 14th

8pm – The Boat Show, Embankment, London, UK (20 mins)
8.30pm – Top Secret Comedy Club, Covent Garden, London, UK (20 mins)

Fri Nov 20th

8pm – Drygate, Glasgow, London, UK (20 mins)

Tue Nov 24th

7.30pm – Private gig, Bath, UK

Sat Nov 28th

8pm – Timbrell’s Yard, Bristol, UK (90 mins)

December 2015

Wed Dec 2nd

8pm – Brody Studios, Budapest, HUNGARY (30 mins)

Fri Dec 5th

8pm – Top Secret COmedy Club, Covent Garden, London, UK (20 mins)

Tue Dec 8th

8pm – English Comedy Brussels, English Comedy Brussels, BELGIUM (20 mins)

Wed Dec 9th

8pm – English Comedy Brussels, English Comedy Brussels, BELGIUM (20 mins)

Fri Dec 11th

8.30pm – Piccadilly Comedy Club, London, UK (20 mins)

Fri Dec 12th

8pm – The Y, Leicester, UK (20 mins)
8.30pm – The Showcase, Coventry, UK (30 mins)

Thur Dec 17th

8pm – Castle Comedy, Bedford, UK (30 mins)

Fri Dec 18th

8pm – Castle Comedy, Bedford, UK (30 mins)


The world’s media has called me many things, from “astounding” to “flawless.” Here are some quotes:

“Fresh, accessible and hilarious”
The Guardian, UK

“Wonderful French wit … superb stuff … His elegant, sardonic turns of phrase are an utter joy”
Time Out London, UK

“Excellently dry”
The Times, UK

“A unique act on the circuit, and quite simply one of the funniest”

“Very funny… Quick-witted and exceedingly sharp”
British Comedy Guide

“Deadpan delivery and surreal musings… A stand-up star in the making”
Thelondonpaper, UK

“Inspired… Brilliantly brusque routines”

“Debaucherous, delightful and debonair. French funnyman Marcel Lucont knows how to put on one hell of a show”
Perth Now, Australia

“Ranks as one of the funniest acts I have ever seen”
Reading Post, UK



Is (2014)

(New Zealand Comedy Festival 2014, Edinburgh Fringe 2014)

“A lyrical master with expert delivery… original and well-developed jokes… Marcel is a clever comedian, his jokes sharp and witty and the whole concept of his performance is rather genius”
★★★★ Caroline Cook, Reading Post, Reading Fringe Festival

“‘Marcel Lucont Is’ is on a new scale… Lucont demands your attention immediately by delivering my favourite opening line of the festival… This show will not disappoint, and even if it did Marcel wouldn’t care for your stupidity. Poetry, philosophy and song. Life with Marcel Lucont is magnifique and an honour”
★★★★.5 Ingrid Grenar, KeepingUpWithNZ, New Zealand Comedy Festival

“Marcel Lucont is a loveable misanthrope. He’s superior, disdainful, insulting and hilarious. From the moment he minced onto the Rangatira stage in his bare feet wearing that perfectly engineered sneer, to when he left with an arrogant toss of his head, I laughed and laughed”
Courteney Peters, Gather And Hunt, New Zealand Comedy Festival


Gallic Symbol (2012/2013)

(New Zealand Comedy Festival 2012, Edinburgh Fringe 2012, Fringe World Perth 2013, Adelaide Fringe 2013)
Winner: Amused Moose Comedy Award – Best Comedy Show, Edinburgh Fringe
Winner: FringeWorld Award – Best Comedy Show, Perth
Winner: Fringe Weekly Award, Adelaide Fringe
Nominee: New Zealand Comedy Festival Award – Best International Show
Winner: KeepingUpWithNZ Award – Best International Show, New Zealand Comedy Festival

“Perfect… smart and funny… Had the audience laughing throughout… Definitely one to see”
★★★★★ Nicholas Jones, Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe

“Hilarious… with deadly accuracy and wit, this Frenchman is on the cusp of something big”
★★★★★ Mark Ratnage, Cream Of The Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe

“Sipping his wine, belittling the crowd, he is simply magnetic. A superb pastiche; beautifully unapologetic”
★★★★★ Daniel Piper, FringeBiscuit, Edinburgh Fringe

“Truly excellent… the laughter continued for the entire hour… Stand-up comedy at its best”
★★★★★ Michael Rowland, FringeReview, Prague Fringe

“Those of us who have had the pleasure of Marcel Lucont know that it is something you do not forget in a hurry… A marvellous malevolent monster… Mordantly brilliant stuff”
★★★★ Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe

“Gag after consistent gag – the quality doesn’t dip once… As effortless and smooth as a fine silky brie”
★★★★ Marissa Burgess, The List, Edinburgh Fringe

“Excellent, with some great jokes and a talent for comic misdirection”
★★★★ Keith Smith, Edinburgh Evening News, Edinburgh Fringe

“Hilarious… hilarious…funny…hilarious… makes it all seem so effortless”
★★★★ David Marren, Quotidian Times, Edinburgh Fringe

“Very sharp and very dry… some laugh-out-loud moments that hit quicker than electricity… Marcel Lucont is better than you”
★★★★ Zoe Barron, ArtsHub, FringeWorld Perth

“Delectably wicked… a master of his craft”
★★★★ Vincent Coleman, Kryztoff RAW, Adelaide Fringe

“His dry, subdued delivery is a nice change from the onslaught of comedians who seem to think their funniness level is determined by how loud they can yell… An all-rounder who is sure to have another popular Fringe season.”
★★★★ Sophie Perri, The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe

“Up there with the best… Clever, funny and delightfully absurd, Gallic Symbol is a master-class in meta-comedy”
Andrew Dipper, GiggleBeats

“A very funny, very clever show. Marcel Lucont is no doubt destined for great things (as I’m sure he also firmly believes) so make sure you catch him while he is still honouring us with his presence in Australia.”
Cathy Culliver, Squirrel Comedy, Adelaide Fringe

“A raconteur, poet and chansonnier extraordinaire… sharp wit and wordplay. Did we have a good time with Monsieur Lucont? Merde, oui!”, New Zealand Comedy Festival

“He really is a pleasure to watch as he cleverly plays his quirky observations in his refreshing style of such obvious disdain that he will have you in fits of giggles… I definitely want an encore.
Ingrid Grenar, Creative Sidekick, New Zealand Comedy Festival

“A rare stand-up comedy masterpiece.
Faith Ashleigh-Wong, Whimsical Banana, New Zealand Comedy Festival

“A rather hilarious hour of comedy… if you like your comedy with bite and a side of nicotine, then this should be a fait accompli.
Delaney MacDonald, EntertainMe, New Zealand Comedy Festival

“The shameless foie-gras of the Fringe… an absolute must-see.
Sarah Dunstan, The West Australian, FringeWorld, Perth

“Fabulous… masterful comic timing and extremely witty scripting.
Claire Condry, Australian Stage, FringeWorld, Perth

“Hilarious continental comedy… Any Francophile worth their proverbial salt needs to see this show… you’ll be seduced, reduced to stiches, and shit all over, but man, you’ll remember this one as some of the best you had this year.
Emma Maguire, FringeBenefits, Adelaide Fringe

“The performance never lulls for the entire hour… check out some of this fabulous filth, because this is one Fringe show you should not miss this year… an hour of outrageous laughs and quality entertainment well-suited for any dirty mind.
Mason Parker,, Prague Fringe

“This is a man who knows how to work a crowd as deftly as Thierry Henry handles a football. Will seeing the Gallic Symbol in action cure your Francophobia? Not a chance. Will it make you laugh so hard you almost cry? Mais oui.
Lisette Allen,, Prague Fringe


Etc. – A Chat Show (2011)

(Adelaide Fringe 2011, Edinburgh Fringe 2011)
Top 25 best-rated comedy shows, Edinburgh Fringe 2011 (source: British Comedy Guide)

“Well-honed poems and songs are perfectly balanced by moments of genuine spontaneity in this consistently brilliant performance… An essential Fringe show”
★★★★★ Simon Fielding, The Skinny, Edinburgh Fringe

“Choice chat, skilful wordplay, wry badinage
★★★★★ Vyvyan Almond, BroadwayBaby, Edinburgh Fringe

“A witty host, willing guests and wine. It’s a perfect night out with Marcel Lucont… No night is the same but every one is a delight
★★★★.5 Helen Sobelewski, The Advertiser, Adelaide Fringe

“The prince of the chat show genre in 2011
★★★★ Niki Boyle, The List, Edinburgh Fringe

“Entertaining from start to finish… A highlight of the festival
★★★★ Julian Benson, Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe

“Excellent… a winning performance… the laughs come easily throughout
★★★★ David Hepburn, Fest, Edinburgh Fringe

“The combination of egotism and deadpan humour accompanied by original poetry and song make for a hilarious combination. Vive la France!
★★★★ Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe

“Very funny… a great deal to enjoy
★★★★ Rupert Uzzell, Spoonfed, Edinburgh Fringe

“Hilarious from the get-go… The funniest show I’ve seen this Fringe… Magnifique!”
David Knight, RipItUp, Adelaide Fringe

“Incredibly funny… Has the audience in the palm of his hand from the start… One of those gems that we’re so glad to have found at the Fringe”
Harry Clayton-Wright, Gay Times, Edinburgh Fringe

“If there is one rude, sleazy, foul-mouthed drunkard of a Frenchman you purposely see in your life, make sure it’s Marcel Lucont… Gallic charm at its finest. This is one comedian who crams more into his show than the ticket price suggests”
Kosta Jaric, Fringe Benefits, Adelaide Fringe




Encore (2010/2011)

(Edinburgh Fringe 2010, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2011, New Zealand Comedy Festival 2011, Sydney Comedy Festival 2011, FringeWorld Perth 2012)
Winner: Buxton Fringe Award – Best Comedy Individual
Nominee: Best Comedy Award – FringeWorld Perth

“One of the best things to come out of France since croissants, Jacques Brel and ‘Ca plane pour moi’…Master of the deadpan… His act is one of astounding panache… Top notch adult humour – c’est tres bon, c’est merveilleux, c’est magnifique . Encore!
★★★★★ David Marren,, Edinburgh Fringe

“A pitch-perfect performance… His elegant, sardonic turns of phrase are an utter joy… Hilarious”
★★★★ Tim Arthur, Time Out, Edinburgh Fringe

“Finely-crafted… the French poet, bon viveur and lover extraordinaire certainly does not lack confidence”
★★★★ Damon Smith, Metro, Edinburgh Fringe

“Beautifully observed and executed… This is an hour of very funny comedy that speeds by”
★★★★ Veronica Lee, The Arts Desk, Edinburgh Fringe

“A must-see… A little something to suit everyone’s tastes. Will you enjoy the show? Correct. In his own words, he is fantastic”
★★★★ Tianna Nadalin, Herald Sun, Melbourne Comedy Festival

“Consistent belly laughs… The most fantastically filthy excuse for culture at the Comedy Festival
★★★★.5 Pip Bergin, RHUM, Melbourne Comedy Festival

“Very funny… quick-witted and exceedingly sharp”
Laura Adshead, British Comedy Guide, Edinburgh Fringe

“A masterclass in low-energy stand-up… While many acts bombard the audience with a high-energy assault, like puppies desperate to be loved, Lucont gave off an air of nonchalance, retaining his disdainful arrogance throughout. He even managed to get laughs from a well-timed raised eyebrow”
Karen Wilson, The Journal, Edinburgh Fringe

“Fantastic… Everyone in the packed house had their funny bone tickled”
Patricia Maunder, ArtsHub, Melbourne Comedy Festival

“Utterly hilarious… Lucont has a gift that needs to be witnessed… It was clear I was watching a very talented comedian, a seasoned raconteur with a brilliant mind”
Nick Jamieson, Everguide, Sydney Comedy Festival

“Ingenious… off-the-cuff wit in addition to his usual brilliant one-liners and unique brand of charm”
Ben Miller, The Argus, Brighton Comedy Festival


Sexual Metro (2009/2010)

(Edinburgh Fringe 2009, Adelaide Fringe 2009, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2010, New Zealand Comedy Festival 2010)

“A fresh, accessible and hilarious take on the British tradition of anti-French gags, boasting a typically Gallic flair for elegant, flowery insults and an instinctive feel for the seamier side of life”
James Kettle, The Guardian

“Devilishly handsome and devastatingly disdainful… Few comedians carry off the supremely arrogant but, with his laconic, lacerated barbs, the French flâneur translates even the average British weather gag into a sophisticated, sardonic assertion of his immodest and defensible superiority”
★★★★ Rebecca Ross, The List, Edinburgh Fringe

“A brilliantly rendered creation… sharp wit and wordplay… interacts with the audience to great effect”
★★★★ Kylie Northover, The Age, Melbourne Comedy Festival

“A saturnine presence with lips made to sneer… Vraiment très amusant.. Très bon, Marcel. Encore!”
Kate Copstick, The Scotsman, Edinburgh Fringe

“Impeccable timing, flawless runs with the odd audience heckle, poetry readings and chanson make Marcel Lucont a Comedy Festival pearl”
Jacqueline Smith, New Zealand Herald

“Excessive dryness and superb comic timing… a perfect way to finish off a night of Fringe activity… Go see him while you can still afford to”
dB magazine, Adelaide Fringe

“Thank dieu for Marcel Lucont…His sly comedy is all haughty Gallic shrugs, audience put-downs and bafflement at Australian peculiarities. Perfect for those who like a clever chortle”
Rip It Up magazine, Adelaide Fringe

“Just the sort of thing you hope to discover at the Fringe… calculating wit, quality audience interaction and a fresh premise. It’s a favourite – highly recommended!”
The Fix, Adelaide Fringe 

“Brilliantly crafted… had the audience laughing riotously throughout. Vive le Marcel!”
Colin Flaherty, The Groggy Squirrel, Melbourne Comedy Festival

“A comedy genius… Definitely a show to track down”
DCR, InPress magazine, Melbourne Comedy Festival



What We French Think Of You British… And Where You Are Going Wrong
(New Holland Publishers, 2011)

The title speaks for itself. British, do yourself a favour and buy this book. You will thank me some day.
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The 2015 Marcel Lucont Calendar

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